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Cobalt Blue Industrial offers many different services to our clients, all to the finest quality. If there is something we haven’t listed here, let us know because we probably still do it. We have extensive experience in the industry and can deliver any project on time.

Repairs & Maintenance

We repair stress fractures and other damage in fibreglass ducting and pipelines caused by expansion, leaks or general wear-and-tear. Our team can work with fibreglass applications in a wide range of commercial and industrial settings such as construction sites, desalination and wastewater treatment plants.

Fibreglass Tank Mould

Manufacturing & Fabrication

We specialise in the manufacture and fabrication of fibreglass applications for commercial and industrial operations.

We can make a tank lid that ensures an excellent seal, or a machinery cover to protect equipment from accidental damage or exposure to the elements.We make fibreglass applications that are fire resistant, chemical resistant and heavy wearing for your commercial or industrial operation.

Thinking of fibreglass for your next fabricated solution?

Installations & Shutdown Maintenance

Cobalt Blue Industrial is an experienced installer of a wide range of fibreglass tanks, pipes, ducting and more.

Our installation services include precision custom moulding of fibreglass  for all commercial, industrial and other fibreglass applications.

We are experienced in shutdown maintenance of fibreglass applications in a variety of commercial and industrial settings.

We are prepared to meet all worksite safety requirements such as white cards, health certifications, inductions and safety equipment e.g. protective and high-visibility clothing.

Cobalt Blue Industrial’s shutdown maintenance is an efficient, safety-conscious and thorough service designed to complete all inspections and repairs with minimum fuss.

fibreglass pipe work
Pipe spooling

Pipe Spooling

We prefabricate fibreglass pipes and fittings to whatever shape is required, from  reductions to flanges, elbows and more.

Fibreglass piping is relatively low maintenance, resistant to corrosion, easy to fix and modify.

Cobalt Blue Industrial has years of experience in fibreglass pipe spooling and general fibreglass fabrication for marine, commercial and industrial applications.

We specialise in non-standard and job-specific custom pipes and fittings for all applications.

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