Custom Fibreglass Services

Fibreglass Repairs and Maintenance

We can work with fibreglass applications in a wide range of commercial and industrial settings.

Fibreglass Fabrication

We specialise in the manufacture and fabrication of custom fibreglass applications for commercial and industrial operations.

FRP Pipe Spooling

We can prefabricate custom fibreglass pipes and fittings to whatever shape is required, from T-bars and reductions to flanges, elbows and more.

FRP Installations

We are an experienced installer of a wide range of custom fibreglass tanks, pipes, ducting and more.

About Us

Our knowledge, composites expertise, custom detail and work ethic is why leading companies across various industries have chosen us to assist them with their projects. We maintain a flexible workforce with the ability to scale, which as a result enables us to focus on delivering the best workmanship at a highly competitive price.

Delivering to site complete fibreglass tank mould
fibreglass pipe work

Why Cobalt Blue Industrial for fibreglass?

Quality First

Quality is our focus and is implemented throughout the custom manufacturing, repair & construction process. This reduces mistakes and rework.

On Time

100% job completion on time, every time. Highly competitive pricing.

Client Focused

We work closely with our clients to develop a consistent understanding of their needs, expectations and objectives.

Looking for the best? Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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